Pilates is a mind:body conditioning method of exercises devised by Joseph Pilates almost 100 years ago, originally called "Contrology".

It is a method suitable (with adaptation) to everyone and aims to develop a balanced body, free from pain and tension. The exercises develop the strength and stamina in the body leading to free flowing movement and prevention of injury. It also improves balance, co-ordination, concentration and facilitates the ability to breathe well and relax, something that most of us find increasingly hard to do in our 24h age.

With an improvement in posture being one of the very noticable effects of Pilates, it is often promoted in terms of good spine health and is recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and podiatrists, as having significant preventative and remedial benefits to the body. 

You'll also rapidly notice how your body responds differently to the precision of the exercises as they become familiar and your muscles stronger and more toned. A whole body workout, nothing is left untouched by Pilates whether at a Gentle, or Advanced level. You'll end up "walking on air" as you finish your class and take what you have learned into your day to day life. Our aim is to make these patterns of movement second nature to you and to encourage body awareness in everyday movement, keeping you fit and flexible.

One word of warning: Pilates can become addictive! but only in a good way.

"Pilates has changed my life!  Having some minor physical problems I had been told that the resulting aches and pains were something I would have to learn to live with as it was a consequence of getting older! Since coming to your classes I now feel as strong and flexible as I was 20 years ago and have no joint pains or stiffness. Happy days!!!"