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Tracey Rich came to Pilates, like many teachers, as a result of ongoing issues due to a horse riding accident in the past. Being a wildlife photographer, travelling around the world had quite literally become a pain in the bum, so much so that she needed to do something and Pilates was it.

Having never heard of it, what it was or even that there was a man called Joseph Pilates, it quickly became addictive and the pain disappeared to boot. Wanting to keep up the practice and often struggling to get to class, Tracey decided to train to teach as a means of helping others as well as satisfying her thirst for knowledge and further exploration of the human body. Being a zoologist by training, it made sense and it was immediately obvious that our body movements are akin to those of animals (well, we are animals).

So years of training with the prestigious Body Control Pilates® in London, UK ensued and she's been learning, teaching  and having fun with Pilates ever since.

Her teaching is governed by exploration and having fun with our body movements, firmly believing that exercise and movement should make you feel free and 'at one' with your own body and mind. Seeing Pilates as body maintenance and prevention from illness and pain. She hopes that she can encourage everyone to get curious and understand themselves a little better, to make the very best of what they have.

Tracey's classes are designed to be fun, to challenge, to develop a functional skill set that will help you in day to day life, but most importantly encourage you to enjoy the body you have.




J, Pewsey

"Pilates has changed my life!  Since coming to your classes I now feel as strong and flexible as I was 20 years ago. Happy days!!!"

R, Northampton

"The classes are always fun, varied and thorough."

S, Gosport

"Tracey's Pilates classes are an essential part of my week. I love that they're on Zoom, which is really convenient as I live in a different part of the country! I'm also a runner  and find Pilates is good for improving strength and reducing risk of injury. I wouldn't be without it now. "

J, Andover

"Tracey's Pilates was a great way to get my core functioning again after having my little boy"


Body Control Pilates®  Matwork Certification

Intermediate and Advanced Matwork Certification

Pilates for  Older Persons

Pilates for Bone Health

Pre and Post natal Pilates

Pilates for Equestrians

Pilates with small studio equipment

Lisa B Pilates High Intensity Power Pilates (HIPP)

First Aid certified

...amongst others.

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Continuous learning and development is key to being a good teacher and we strive to provide the best teaching we can and modify according to latest research and from experienced teachers around the world.

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