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Est. 2013


Pilates is a mind:body method of re-learning to move well. Countering the day to day ill effects of our lives and promoting health and wellness and a body capable of doing the tasks, sports and things we enjoy free from pain and restriction.


We DO Pilates. WE LOVE Pilates.

We move as NATURE intended.

To that effect we have flexible ways for you to join in. It's your body, you choose.

  • Live stream classes

  • Comprehensive video library

  • In person sessions

  • Workshops


We love to laugh at Pilates By Nature. All our classes are fun and tailored to our needs. Live streaming classes are a great way to meet others even virtually and firm friendships forged. In person we have developed a strong community feel and everyone is a friend here. Watch out for the bad jokes though!



FREE 'shorts' VIDEOS

Create an account so you never miss out and access your free 'shorts' videos. Plus a free relaxation audio for those important moments of self care.

  Plus lots of other nice things coming your way!


Tel: +44 (0)7769 580148

Pewsey Vale & Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

Plus around the globe in the virtual world!


Online 24h a day

Live streams

Monday 1830h-1930h

Tuesday 0930h - 1030h | 1045h -1145h

Thursday 1830h - 1930h

Friday 0930h - 1030h | 1045h -1145h

In person classes and 1:1s by arrangement, see schedule.


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